With LazyDoge, we are aiming to build a platform for Doge enthusiasts where you can happily trade, invest, play and farm LazyDoge tokens.

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*Please change Slippage Tolerance to 12%


LazyDoge is bringing together an amazing Doge community to form the most robust ecosystem where everyone can have fun and be lazy.

Let us do the heavy lifting so you can relax and enjoy the NFTs, merchandise, and games. Join the laziest community HODLing a reliable token with minimal effort.

Get on the lazy train today!


5% of all transactions (sell or transfer) are distributed to the token holders. Everytime there is a transaction by anyone, you get a cut of the distribution automatically. So the longer you hodl, the more you gain!

5% of every transaction is automatically locked as liquidity into the PancakeSwap LazyDoge/BNB pool. This increases the liquidity pool and the token price.

Of each transcation is added to Liquidity

Of each transcation is redistributed to shareholders

White Paper

Read our LazyPaper. Understand why LazyDoge is the token to support your dreams. Recommend us to your friends too and make them your happy lazy-buddies.

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*Please change Slippage Tolerance to 12%

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LazyNFT is the Doge-only NFT featuring some of the best artists in the world. Each NFT comes preloaded with LazyDoge tokens; so that's double the value! It's just lazy but effective. We gladly welcome any projects with a 100% charitable contribution. If you're an artist interested in an NFT project with LazyDoge, reach out to us - open to Doges only. Doge has come a long way and will remain as the Doge to be reckoned with. (The first NFT sale will happen in the coming weeks. Follow our social channels for more updates.)


Wouldn't you love to own cool LazyDoge apparel and accessories? We are working hard with some of the top producers of awesome, high-quality merchandise for our Doge community.

Sit back, be lazy, and rest assured that LazyDoge followers will enjoy nothing but the finest products at the best prices.

Oh, and there's a bonus - merch can be purchased with LazyDoge tokens, too! Now, don't you wonder why other meme tokens can't do the same? Hmm...


We put the fun in meme tokens.

With LazyDoge, it's not just about buying and selling for profit alone or dealing with the pressure of seeing tokens decrease in value, ending up with your morale on the ground.

Wondering how? LazyDoge will develop exciting and fun Doge-only games for all lazy gamers.

Here's the best part - you can earn LazyDoge tokens as you play LazyGames! Now that's something for all the Doge fans.


Liquidity Locked

Unruggable, safe and secured. Details here.


Access details to the audit here.

Listed on CoinGecko

Access details to the CG here.


Phase 1

  • Website Launch
  • Start Community Building
  • Launch of Token at Pancakeswap
  • Development of LazyNFT
  • Listing on CoinGecko
  • Target 10,000 Token Holders
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap

Phase 2

  • Third Party Audit
  • Engaging Social Influencers
  • Community Partnership
  • Online Marketing Drive
  • Launch of LazyDoge’s Merchandise
  • Target 25,000 Token Holders

Phase 3

  • Launch of LazyNFT platform
  • Free NFT Distribution
  • Target 100,000 Token Holders
  • Listing on CEX
  • Offline Marketing Initiatives
  • Multiple Online Ads

Phase 4

  • Free NFT for Token Holders
  • Enhanced Marketing Effort
  • Target 250,000 Token Holders
  • Billboard Ads in Strategic Area


What sets LazyDoge apart?
  1. LazyDoge is not just another meme coin or a pump-and-dump token. It’s a token centered on building and supporting an awesome Doge community with innovative and fun ideas.
  2. We are not just selling stories. We have authentic Doge products that can be purchased with your tokens, ranging from cool merchandise to our NFTs which will be minted and transferred to popular secondary NFT markets.
  3. There is no free team token or pre-sale. However, we are actively running charitable campaigns and assisting those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Get in touch for an event partnership. We take no fees.
How can I buy LazyDoge?
For now you can only buy LAZYDOGE token from PancakeSwap. It’s safe and secure.
Can I be a volunteer or start a partnership with LazyDoge?
Definitely. Being a lazy community, we need every help we can get so we can do less for more. Connect with us on any of the social platforms.
How to use PancakeSwap with Trust Wallet?
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